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A Montana Corporation established since 2007 We can help you with your specifications anytime anywhere! We supply coal and iron anywhere in the world Now available large reserves of high quality Mexican Iron ore

Deep Reserves is a registered company based in Montana, USA with offices in Bakersfield, Miami, Chandigarh, Kolkata and Mumbai. We specialize in mineral trading: coal, iron ore, copper ore, oil petroleum distillate. We have direct access to several mines in North America, Mexico and Indonesia. Our strategic network and business relations with mining, local logistic, local government and financial resources offers clients special privileges and advantages in the mineral business region.

It is estimated that Montana has 25% of the nation’s recoverable coal reserves. However, compared to neighboring states, the rate of coal mining in Montana has remained relatively constant for the past 30 years, largely because:

  1. Coal in Montana is more expensive to mine;
  2. Montana coal is farther away from most markets and transportation facilities, and therefore more expensive to transport; and
  3. Some Montana coal deposits are of marginal quality. Recently, there has been an increasing push to open new coal mines for increased export to the booming Asian economies.


Coal facts and figurescoal_facts_figures

US Largest Surface Coal Minessurface_coal_mines
Major US Coal Reservescoal_reserves_surface_mines


Deep Reserve Advantages

  • Networking with multiple mining processing companies all over the world
  • Collaborates with shipping companies to facilitate exports
  • Well connected with the community and mining industry.
  • We are a company driven by industry experts who worked decades with customers to develop new and better services as for their requirements, which brings additional value, comfort level, cost-effective solutions and trust to the customers
Brief US Stats

America has more coal than any other fossil fuel resource. The United States also has more coal reserves than any other single country in the world. In fact, just over 1/4 of all the known coal in the world is in the United States. The United States has more coal that can be mined than the rest of the world has oil that can be pumped from the ground. Currently, coal is mined in 26 of the 50 states.ships supply to electric utilities, steel plant, cement factories, and various industries.

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